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Training And Developmental Training in Belfast

Nothern Ireland - Known for its Quality Schools and Training Institutions

Education is without a doubt an integral part of one’s upbringing and of the society in general. In Northern Ireland, this holds especially true owing to their relatively high rate of literacy levels as some of the latest studies have divulged.

Among the member OECD nations, Northern Ireland has seen the most significant rise in literacy levels over the past decade or so. This can be attributed to the quality of their schools and training institutions some of which have a long and sturdy history of providing some of the best education in the state.

A look at some of the institutions available in Belfast

Here we’ll get to briefly gloss over some of the top education and development facilities present in Belfast at the various levels of education, and although brief and non-exhaustive, should give you a good picture of what to expect:

Primary Schools

A very important part of any learner’s learning curve since this is where they really get to build up on the most basic of skills involved in learning that will eventually come in handy as they progress upwards. In the Belfast area, aside from Saint Peters Primary School, the following are also considered exemplary:

i.    Ligoniel Primary School
Easily one of the best primary schools in the area, Ligoniel Primary School has always been held in high regard within the education community in Belfast and within the nation as a whole. Praised for its holistic and engaging approach towards educating, it boasts of a multitude of fun and engaging learning classes and activities that are geared towards stimulating the curiosity within the children so as to make learning an interesting and stimulating experience. That way they get to really appreciate education as a whole.

ii.    Orangefield Primary School
Orangefield Primary School is also one of the top primary schools in the Belfast area. Since its inception, it has continued to deliver top performances year after a year, a report by the education and training inspectorate is even testament to this.

It has a well-planned out time table and offers a wide array of subjects other than the common compulsory subjects as well as a host of extra-curricular activities to ensure the student is well versed in a lot of things. It is also actively involved with community activities thus teaching students how to interact with society from a young age.

Secondary Schools

Secondary school is where the education curve starts getting a little deeper and more thought engaging. It is important that a student get a great secondary school education as it is important for the forth-coming tertiary level education.

Based on the student’s area of interest, it is also where they start specializing in certain subjects or areas of study to accommodate their future tertiary education.

Belfast Boys’ Model School

If there was to ever be a great example as to what secondary education should look like, Belfast Boys Model School would be exactly it. With a longstanding heritage and history that goes back as far as 1857 when it was founded, it has been a model for what proper education should be and its practices have long been emulated over the years, but it still remains among the top of the pile in providing excellent secondary education.

Tertiary Schools

These come in the form of specialized learning institutions for particular areas of study, universities or colleges and Belfast has them all.

From the UK top universities list, Belfast is home to one of them and ultimately to some of the other top universities and colleges in Northern Ireland.

Queen’s University Belfast

Easily the best University level education in Northern Ireland, this university has been at the forefront of putting NI universities on the global map with a host of great courses at all levels of University certifications.

Among the many and prestigious colleges present in the Belfast are we have;

1. Belfast Metropolitan College
2. St Mary’s University College
3. Union Theological College

And all boast of just as great education for those seeking it.

Belfast is also home to some, as earlier stated specialized institutions. One of them is the Totally English institution. As the name implies, it is a business English school geared towards training immigrants looking to either study or settle in NI in the English language. The team of teachers there is professional having a wealth of experience in both business situations and also teaching, thus you can be assured of getting all your money’s worth should you choose to enroll there.